500,000 pets are put down annually
because their guardians can't afford
veterinary care



Help Overwhelmed Families and Pets in Crisis Affected by Coronavirus


As businesses are closing and workers are being laid off, the coronavirus crisis is testing the average pet owner's ability to pay for sometimes life-saving veterinarian bills.

This is a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on pets and their families in need during this difficult time, and as new hardships come to light. All donations to the Waggle Foundation are tax deductible and will broadly support communities impacted by the Coronavirus.

Countless pets may be at risk for economic euthanasia without intervention. With COVID-19 infections expected to increase, more families will find themselves in need.

The time to help is now—the window of opportunity is closing to help pets in crisis before it’s too late. Every dollar helps, and only your support makes this effort possible.

Impact areas:

Save the lives of pets in need of costly medical treatments by creatively raising and responsibly distributing resources directly to vetted health care providers.

Increase opportunities for collaboration between animal medical institutions and veterinarians, pet insurance providers, animal advocates, and pet owners.

Educate the public about the leading cause of animal surrender and euthanasia in the United States: financial hardship.


We imagine a world in which all pets are given equal opportunity to live long healthy lives, providing the companionship and love that guardians seek to manage their own physical and emotional health and well-being.

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Success Stories


A Lovely Cali, a six-year-old tabby cat, was abandoned when her previous guardians were evicted. The shelter veterinarian discovered a small mammary tumor. Cat lovers from around the country donated to provide a happy ending for Cali!


Adorable Bear was brought to Project Precious Rescue, a non-profit that helps pets with challenging medical needs. See the story of the wonderful new home Bear found after being saved by Waggle donors.