1. Confirmed Cancer Diagnosis Needed — You must have a confirmed cancer diagnosis from a board-certified veterinary oncologist to have your application reviewed.

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2. Determine how much you can reasonably afford to spend for your pet’s treatment from your exiting resources, via loans, Care Credit or other funding sources.

3. Submit a Completed Application — After registering, you will be asked to complete an application which includes the info needed to start a Waggle crowdfunding campaign.

All steps must be completed in order to be considered. You and your veterinarian will need to work together to complete this process. Please contact your provider to confirm they have received our notifications.


4. RCF Board Review — Once the application/campaign setup is complete, we will confirm all veterinary/oncology information. At this point the application will be reviewed by RCF’s Board of Directors.

5. Notice of Decision — Our matching-donation funds are limited and, unfortunately, it is impossible to help all applicants. A completed application does not guarantee that we will be able to provide funds, nor does a denied application indicate a lack of compassion or desire to help — it simply means that we cannot help at this time. Financial assistance will be awarded at the sole discretion of RCF’s Board of Directors.

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6. Funding

If your application is approved, an RCF grant may be applied as a combination of a fixed-dollar / matching-donation award type on your Waggle crowdfunding campaign. Donations made to your campaign will receive a percentage match amount from RCF. To make the most of our award, it is important to share your campaign with your friends, family, local community and on social media, if possible. Waggle provides tips and tools to help you reach your goal.

The grant you receive together with the funds you raise on Waggle will be paid directly to your veterinary provider. Closing your campaign completes the fundraising process and notifies your veterinarian to send a final invoice.

If an application is declined, you will be automatically provided an opportunity to raise funds on Waggle’s crowdfunding platform. Although we may not be able to provide an RCF matching-donation incentive, you can achieve your funding needs as many pet owners have successfully demonstrated.

7. Social Sharing Your Waggle Campaign — RCF grant awards provide pet lovers an incentive to contribute to your campaign. Only by sharing your story and bringing awareness to your pet’s needs will you be able to meet your funding goal. Therefore, we require award recipients to fully participate to leverage an RCF award.

Learn more in our Support Center and Riedel & Cody FAQs.

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