The Waggle Foundation accepts donations from individuals, corporations, and other foundations, which help to support its mission to eradicate the economic euthanasia of pets who could otherwise live out their natural lives, contentedly and healthfully, with their cherished families. The Foundation channels these donations to both organizations and individuals, providing support to the very people who are facing the possibility of having to make that heartwrenching decision—of letting a pet go because of the lack of funds, which would provide the necessary medical intervention.

The Waggle Foundation engages in four key initiatives:

  • Educating Pet Guardians: The Foundation seeks to encourage pet owners to carry basic veterinary insurance and/or to maintain a "rainy day" pet fund, both of which could stave off the possibility of facing a challenging choice between economic euthanasia and proceeding with the ideal, necessary veterinary treatment.
  • Growing the Community:  Through education and outreach, the Foundation seeks to embrace a wider and more disparate audience of potentially like-minded individuals, to espouse its key mission. Using best practices, the Foundation believes it can maximize the number of pets saved annually by harnessing the voices, actions, and wherewithal of countless others. Similarly, in partnering with other non-profits, the Foundation can exponentially grow a dedicated following.  The more vocal the message and the more universally delivered and funded, the more significant the ultimate impact.
  • Raising Crowdfunding Awareness: The Foundation can help generate donations to not only the Waggle website, for the immediate treatment of showcased, in-need pets, but it can also help generate donations to other organizations dedicated to ending economic euthanasia.
  • Providing Direct Support:  By providing immediate, financial support to cover veterinary costs, the Foundation, employing best practices, can multiply each donation.  At the same time, because of its model, the Foundation can avoid potential fraud, and ultimately maximize the number of pets saved: 
    • The Foundation can match funds donated on the Waggle crowdfunding platform, which will benefit the individual pet and its guardian, as well as Waggle's Animal Welfare Partners.  By matching funds, the Foundation hopes to incentivize donors to dig more deeply into their pockets.
    • For animals billboarded on the Waggle website, whose cases are among the neediest and whose postings have not generated the essential funds, the Foundation can step in, providing extra financial support as a stopgap measure.

The Foundation's Grant Criteria:

  • The cost of veterinary care for a showcased pet has been established and vetted by one of Waggle's Veterinary Partners.
  • The pet guardian's (or the rescue organization's) inability to meet the estimated cost has been determined and verified.
  • The pet guardian (or the rescue organization) was either unable to participate in the fundraising effort on the Waggle website, or the campaign failed to raise the requisite amount for the medical treatment.

We are all about inspiring people to embrace Waggle's mission and to that end, we especially favor bestowing grants that will motivate others to participate, as well.  The Waggle Foundation can make a difference in the lives of thousands of pets annually.


We invite you to join us in this noble—and attainable—cause.

Consider a contribution to the Waggle Foundation now.