A Harsh Reality

Choosing to euthanize a beloved pet is always emotionally wrenching. It is often the end chapter in a fairy book story, where the pet has lived a contented life with a doting human family—and even when all agree this sad, final chapter is "for the best"—the family agonizes. Ideally, the decision to euthanize—after all treatment options have been explored—is based SOLELY on what is in the pet’s best interest.

But, for more than 500,000* pets and their families in the US each year, this is not the case: When experiencing financial stress, the care vs. financial resources equation shifts and the balance tips. A family has to make an emotional decision based on economics…and grief and guilt often accompany this anguished choice. Professionals in the field refer to this as "economic euthanasia." The greater heartbreak is that many of these pets might have a bright future with treatment…

Enter Waggle

Economic euthanasia of pets is on the rise nationally, especially in income-challenged communities. Imagine you could help these families access resources that might save their pets’ lives.

That is the goal of the Waggle Foundation and of the Waggle crowdfunding website.

By helping to support the Foundation, you are casting a vote for life. The Foundation is dedicated to not only creating awareness among individuals, but also to uniting the power and financial clout of other organizations to merge resources and use combined influence, where appropriate, to this end. In recent years, it has become universally recognized and acknowledged that controlling breeding with spay and neuter intervention significantly diminishes a rampant population of stray, disadvantaged pets.

The Foundation seeks to embrace an equally essential commitment: That countless pets should not be put down simply because a family is without financial resources. The Foundation is dedicated to informing the public that economic euthanasia can be obliterated, as well. Harnessing the power of crowdfunding on the Internet, through the Waggle website, the Foundation aims to put an end to economic euthanasia and give pets the second chance they deserve for a happy and long life. By reaching the greater pet-loving population, the Foundation, along with grantor partners, seeks to help underwrite the cost of unexpected veterinary bills that often spell life or death.

Should you want to help a specific pet, Waggle partners with veterinarians around the country (and in Canada), as well as with rescue/shelter organizations, which submit individual pet's cases to Waggle. Those animals' stories are featured on the Waggle crowdfunding website. Additionally, individuals are permitted to post their own pet's story on the Waggle site, providing all the veterinary data is included. Donors may earmark their charitable contributions for specific pets.

Waggle delivers complete transparency and trust—payments go directly to the animal hospital. 

*According to an American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals study published in 2015 in the peer-reviewed Open Journal of Animal Sciences, some 500,000 pets are put down annually for lack of funds to cover veterinary bills.